Donnerstag, Oktober 18, 2007

Jay Rosen's Coordinates for a Successful News Site

From PressThink

- High quality aggregation within a strong editorial focus.

- Blogging platform with the best posts filtered to the front page.

- Original reporting with hybrid strength, including amateurs with pro support (training, production values, copy editing, editorial oversight), pros with amateur support

- Features with narrow comprehensiveness: everything about something.

- Forums that allow a previously atomized group—people sharing interests and problems—to connect and converse with each other.

- Find, prepare and place online data sets that are “available,” but not easy to use, and of strong interest to a live public; then let people interact with the information by framing it properly and providing the bigger narrative that the data is a part of.

- Community publishing: users sharing their stuff, including their photos and reports on events they attended.

- Reverse publishing, web-to-print, for the highest quality content generated online.

- Crowdsourcing projects that gather information that’s impossible to get any other way.

- Absolute commitment to breaking news in the coverage area by any means necessary: pro, am, aggregation, wires, blogging, crowdsourced.

- Geo-tagged information: organized so people can access it by location, or via a map.

- Headlines and summaries optimized for search; open archives and permalinks.

- Put-it-all-together topic pages that combine… aggregation, original reporting, blog posts, data, forums, video, audio and crowdsourced information… on something big, breaking and of intense interest, like a bridge collapse.

more (incl. some best practice examples)