Mittwoch, Oktober 03, 2007

NYT: Why Big Newspapers Applaud Some Declines in Circulation

By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA (1-October-2007)

"Many newspapers have stopped trying to attract customers with methods like promotional deals, saying they cost more than they deliver, and advertisers are more skeptical about the readers such methods attract.

As the newspaper industry bemoans falling circulation, major papers around the country have a surprising attitude toward a lot of potential readers: Don’t bother.

The big American newspapers sell about 10 percent fewer copies than they did in 2000, and while the migration of readers to the Web is usually blamed for that decline, much of it has been intentional. Driven by marketing and delivery costs and pressure from advertisers, many papers have decided certain readers are not worth the expense involved in finding, serving and keeping them ..." more

Who's fault is it, that a subscription doesn't make money this days? The subscriber? The advertiser? Or ...?

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Twenty years ago, total daily newspaper circulation in the U.S. was 60 million. Today, it is 43.7 million, and many of the nation’s top newspapers are feeling the sharpest pain. .. In 1985, some 140 towns and cities in the U.S. had more than one local paper. By 1995, that figure had dropped to 62. The Pew Research Center found that only 23 percent of people under age 30 read a newspaper daily compared to 60 percent of older people. “Newspaper readers are dying off faster than they can be replaced,” ...

But not all decline in newspapers circulation has and will be intentional and planned by the publisher, or?

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