Dienstag, Oktober 23, 2007

Paul Conley's: Five Questions about the state of B2B Media

From earlier posting you know that my college Paul Conley is caring authoritatively, sharp and with passion about the future of trade media. Your need some time to read his posts, but it is a recommended effort and time investment.

I would love - for the benefit of our service industry - to have discussions like this in Germany, but I think the (so called) racism of B2B Media prevents players to discuss this openly.

"If you're in this game for the money, how can you compete against someone who is in it for love?" - Paul Conley -

1. What is the correct ratio of art to science, creation to optimization, words to design, editor to engineer for each of us and our publications? (15-10-2007)

2. What is the tipping point for you and your publication? What metric will you use to determine when you'll pull resources from print and at what level? And more importantly, when will you decide that it doesn't make good career sense for you to continue to work on a print product? (16-10-2007)

3. What is it about B2B in general, and your company in particular, that causes our race problem? (a closed, narrowed world, as I understand this) (17-10-2007)

4. How can we create an environment at our companies where smart people in editorial and data can learn to build stories, products, databases and ideas together? (18-10-2007)

5. What can you, your staff and your publication bring to the table that no one else can? (22-10-2007)

Paul ends his five-questions-sieries with
And remember that love is all you need. In fact, it's all you have (... or don't have, I might add)