Mittwoch, Oktober 03, 2007

Wired vs Wired: Evolution of a Technology Magazine

by Alex Iskold

"Wired magazine has been telling us what’s hip and cool in technology since the birth of the Web. In this post, we look at the elements that make up Wired - and how it continues to evolve as both a print and online publication ..." recommended read (not only for tech publisher)

Some quotes:

Wired, The Print Edition
"The print edition of Wired costs $10 a year. Considering that a pack of cigarettes in New York costs $9, it seems ridiculously low (and much healthier than smoking!) ..." - Wired Reloaded
"The online edition has a different feel. It does not have the ‘loud’ look of the print version. The website is clean and informative. After staring at it for 10 seconds, you realize that the print and online do not compete - but rather they complement each other ..."

Wired Blogs and Geekipedia
"The 12 blogs offered by Wired online are on a range of topics; from Compiler, which focuses on software, technology and tech news, to Listening Post, which covers digital music, to Wired Science, which blogs about science news. These blogs are of the highest quality, update frequently and push out a wealth of information ..."