Dienstag, November 13, 2007

Big Brands are fed up with tradition media channels

said Nick Brien (President and CEO of Universal McCann Worldwide) last Monday at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) conference

"Big name Brand marketers are fed up with traditional media channels and are threatening to shift the lion's share of their budgets online, they are just waiting to increase their online spend to 50 or 60 % (of total budgets) ..."

to gain a better ROI on their advertising investment.

via / more from Gavin O'Malley on MediaPost

One more worry some quote:
Among the largest companies, 42.4% of marketing executives recently told BusinessWeek that TV would take the biggest hit in ad budgets in the next few years ...

I'm not sure, how Online could take care about so much money an deliver, but this shift would surely "help" (and threaten others) that companies and organization will replace media spending with spending money on their own platform / website ...

Früherer Eintrag:
Marken-Websites überholen die Media-Online-Websites in denen sie (noch) werben