Donnerstag, November 08, 2007

A Citizen Journalism Toolkit

The Tactical Technology Collective (a combination of NGO work and technology evangelist) has announced

Citizen Journalism
A participatory media toolkit for creating and distributing content
- planned release November 2007-

From the announcement:
"The Citizen Journalism Toolkit will provide accessible and effective training materials on selected free software tools and web applications with a focus on giving people what they need to know in order to create and distribute content. The materials will cover print publishing, using images, online publishing and audio.

The toolkit will contain approachable and modular hands-on guides to help people use the tools and quick start projects to give users a flavor of what the medium might offer their organization. The toolkit will also include strategic guides to help NGOs and advocates make informed choices about which tools are right for them.

The tools have been chosen by a international editorial team who contribute wide ranging experience in different media ..."

I agree with Dan Gilmor that in Citizen Journalism community building and commitment, comes first, but great tools can help a lot to enable people and achieve goals ...

TTC also offers the NGO-in-a-box Toolkit