Mittwoch, November 07, 2007

The Magazine Format Is Not A Business Model

says Rex Hammock and gives an answers to Jeff Jarvis question "Magazines won’t die. But I wonder how many new ones will be born, Who will have the balls to start a new magazine today?

Quote 1:
"The magazine format (like its close online cousin, the Weblog) can plug-into a wide array of business models. Some of those business models ... require revenues of over $100 million to fit within the context of a global media company. Those are the types of magazines that require $40 million before break-even.

However, the magazine format can be plugged into the business model of a non-profit organization, or a university development program, or an entrepreneur who discovers any niche audience who have a passion for a specific topic."

Quote 2:
"It’s not the magazine format that’s under threat. It’s the consumer, mass-appeal, mass-marketed, subscriber/newsstand/advertising business model that is built on a magazine that costs $40 million before break-even that’s under threat."


You have heard me many times saying, that there is and will be always room for a "good" magazine on time. And, you don't need a fortune to start such a magazine, if you do your home work ...