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Montag, November 19, 2007

Newsweek: Books Arent't Dead - Amazon's Kindle will be announced today

After the presentation:

Watch the presentation or
Buy the amazonkindle

Spiegel: Amazon-Boss zeigt den Bücher-iPod

CrunchGear: Live from the Amazon press conf in NYC

Rob Beschizza has an overview on eBook readers (Wired gadget lab blog)
E-Book Readers At A Glance

has 'all' about the new Amazon eBook reader Kindle (under development for 3 years) which downloads books, blogs, magazines and newspapers via a wireless connection and 'some' of 'The Future of Reading' .

Source: Newsweek Website

My college Rex Hammock tells, why he would buy a Kindle - even so he would prefer if this happend on his iPod-Book) ... 'What I’d rather have than an eBook reader: the iPod Touchbook'


And Seth Godin writes on his blog 'You won't find me on Amazon's new book reader' how Kindle could change the World of Books, if ... but ...

My stand on this:

- I don't want a special 'reading-books-device'

- I don't want to buy a device, I would take a subscription, for reading (and working with) 'Books' on any device I have (or buy in the future) to access all 'Books'(Magazines, Newspapers, etc.) available and not available (in print)

- I think publishers and/or authors (text, stills, audio, video, etc.) must find a way that my subscription to the Internet does make money for them and not stay in full with the Internet provider

To Seth:
in most countries we have a high penetration on personal computers screens, even more so with mobile devices (and the younger once have additionally their console) - so with reach (and budget) you are much better off this way

To Rex:
You are still young - I don't have to check out anymore all inventions, I trust my peers ;-)

Does Kindle look like Gizmodeo reported (20-April-2007)
Amazon Kindle eReader Gets More Details: Pricing, Time Frame, Features
- at least the price is below 400 USD (399 USD)

Btw., dear Amazon, Apple, Google, Nokia, Sony, ...
the device I'm looking for is a mobile device connected with the world with a projector / beamer feature to all surfaces near to me and connecting to any screen / TV device if they are happened to be next to me.