Mittwoch, November 28, 2007

Open Verizon Wireless

Lowell McAdam, CEO Verizon Wireless tells in BusinessWeek (3-Dec-2007) that his company will be supporting Google’s mobile operating system Android.

announced their 'Any Apps, Any Device' Option for Customers and will publish technical standards needed for development early 2008.

via O'Reilly

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Verizon has not joined the Google Android open platform and Google inspired Open Handset Alliance like T-Mobile, Sprint, Motorala, China Mobile and many more, so you bet, they do not like the idea that Google initiative might change their business model.

Btw, when will we hear about At&T answer to Google and/or Verizon?

Harold Feld on wetmachine explains and codifies the Open Verizon Wireless initiative

Kampf um das mobile Internet (27-Nov-2007)
Thomas Heuzeroth auf Welt Online

Google launched Android, an Open Mobile Software Platform