Samstag, November 10, 2007

TechTarget Spends 58 Mio. USD for KnowledgeStorm

via/from Matthew Schwartz

according to 'preliminary internal projections' (quoting Greg Strakosch) TechTarget expects to gain from this investment in Knowledge Storm

- revenues of 12 to 14 Mio. USD (first year)

- 1,0 Mio. USD EBITDA (first year) or 1,7 % yield

In the third quarter '07 the TechTargets' revenue rose to 23,3 Mio. USD (from 20,3 previous year, plus 14, 7 %), net income for third quarter fell 3,1 % to 1,54 Mio USD. More at

TechTargets claim: TechTarget the IT Media ROI Expert

It is really interesting to wait and see when TechTarget investors finally find out, that TechTarget has no valid business concept and their money might be lost.

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