Freitag, November 09, 2007

Today, Gutenberg would be taking pictures and shooting videos with his mobile

and not care much about his invention of the movable type printing press, says Alan Moore in his paper 'Mobile as the 7th Mass Media'

(that is after Print, Recordings, Cinema, Radio, TV and the Internet).

"... he would be blogging and vlogging via his mobile, paying for his car parking spaces via his mobile, getting his library books renewed via SMS and dating on Flirtomatic ..." (and maybe even more important than, find an investor to save his company from bankruptcy).

“We no longer live in a linear world. And traditional media is struggling to deal with that. And what we are witnessing is a profound change in the communication and media consumption habits of younger people. We see a divide between Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives …”

Alan’s paper takes you on a journey to understand the differences of 7th Mass Media and the need to learn (= change behavior) .

To request a free copy of this 20-page PDF, please email him at alanm (AT) smlxtralarge (DOT) com