Freitag, November 09, 2007

Why Mobile Search Is Irrelevant To B2B Marketing

(or - in my humbled opinion - just the opposite of it)

Jon Miller wrote a lengthy article at search engine land 'Why Mobile Search is Irrelevant to B2B Marketing' and to the end of his writing he says: "I hope I'm wrong ..." and in my opinion he is wrong, fatedly wrong for B2B marketers following his advice and abandon their customers.

What are his arguments?

- the most popular mobile searches are maps and directions, weather, and local information, followed by news, entertainment, sports, and finance — not B2B related terms.

But, mobile search is still very young and b2b vs. consumer numbers are difficult to catch in early research

- if someone were to click on a B2B pay-per-click ad on mobile device, it's nearly impossible to capture a lead from a mobile landing page

But, if B2B want to search and find a relevant data via mobiles, marketer should figure out how to work with this or leave them to their competitors

My suggestion:
Check Jon Miller's arguments and proof him wrong.
(sometimes you have to leave the 'box', someone wants to trap you in)