Donnerstag, Dezember 20, 2007

BtoB Online Survey: 2008 Marketing Priorities and Plans

Some results ...

Overall marketing budgets
60.1% of marketers plan to increase
29.6% plan to keep it flat and
10.3% plan a budget decreases

Primary marketing goals
62.4% customer acquisition
19.3% brand awareness
11.7% customer retention

The share of marketing budget spend online increases from 26.5% (2007) to 33.8% (2008) and most of this increase will not go to the media publisher (and it seems to me, that publisher don't care and don't think much about, how to deliver 'value' to marketers website and eMail-marketing)

Where will marketers increase online spending
74.0% in Website development
70.1% in eMail marketing
64.3% in search engine marketing
39.5% in Video
39.1% in Webcasting
36.4% in Banner advertising
29.6% in Sponsorship activities
26.2% in social media and social networks

Of marketers currently using social media applications
53.8% use them for thought leadership
40.4% for customer feedback
30.8% for market research
28.8% for advertising
26.9% as a sales channel

for full details go to BtoB Online

via Center for Media Research Research Brief