Mittwoch, Dezember 05, 2007

Gobal Ad Spending and Share 2006 - 2010

Data from ZenithOptimedia via

As this represents a globale view, higher growth in some regions means, lower growth or decline in other regions.

Source: Marketingcharts

Later: Some more data at
ZenithOptimedia Ad-spend forecast (3-Dec-2007, PDF)

Later: I asked ZenithOptimedia to explain what kind of Internet advertising the include, Display ads, Search ads, affiliate ... Here is Anne's answer:

"The total global figure is a simple sum of the figures we have for all the different markets reporting to us. However, these vary in what they measure. In the full publication, we include notes with each entry to explain what is and is not included in each market's figures. Usually display is included, and often search or sponsorship etc., but as there is no international standard for measuring online spend we cannot fully homogenise the report."