Dienstag, Dezember 04, 2007

LiveJournal Sold to Russian Firm SUP

"LiveJournal, the personal Web publishing service that jump-started blogging in Russia, has been sold by its U.S. owner to a Russian business partner, which will operate it independently, the companies said on Sunday.

Six Apart Ltd said it sold the blog community site for undisclosed terms to SUP (according to Russia Information Center for 30 million USD, more), a Russian-focused Internet media company led by an American and British duo that has expanded LiveJournal's Russian business over the past year.

The free, ad-supported blog site encourages users to keep online diaries they share and discuss with friends. It counts 14.3 million blog accounts and roughly 20 million visitors a month. Its writers publish more than 150,000 new posts a day ..." more

Is this the end of the Russian policy "Blogs are not important enough to care about them? and / or 'somewhere, angry people need a hideaway to let off steam"?

The Russian Federation delivers - after US - the second highest number of accounts to LiveJournal total 14.3 Mio. accounts . Most popular countries for LiveJournal (Accounts) per 3-Dec-2007

- United States - 3,069,035
- Russian Federation - 516,790
- Canada - 269,658
- United Kingdom - 240,214
- Australia - 114,398
- Ukraine - 65,157
- Singapore - 50,427
- Philippines - 46,304
- Germany - 44,301
- Finland - 36,076
- Japan - 29,132
- Netherlands - 23,445
- Belarus - 21,169

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