Sonntag, Dezember 09, 2007

Media Companies Need To Provide Better Wireless Content More Cheaply

write Mark Wash at Media Post:

To overcome sluggish demand for mobile content, media companies need to provide a better mix of wireless content more cheaply, according to a new study.

With just 16% of U.S. subscribers browsing the mobile Web, media players need to utilize a variety of formats including text alerts, video clips and small applications to engage mobile users, according to a JupiterResearch report on mobile content.

The main reasons users so far have not delved into mobile media are a lack of interest (73%) and the high cost (47%) ... more

My thoughts on this:
If 73 percent have a lack of interest, only 1 percent have adapted video? Media company should care much more about convenience, aggregation and mash-ups to service people with what, who and when they wanted ( and would like to pay for, or someone else is happily paying for) ... Who pays for content on B2C level anyway?