Donnerstag, Dezember 06, 2007

Virtual B2B Exhibition

Back in 2000 I started to included in my B2B scouting reports for some of my publishing clients the suggestion to offer 'virtual exhibition' services ....

One examples I showed in June 2000, was Penton B2B showplace (meanwhile gone)

Last year (February 2006) the German Magazine LaborPraxis (Vogel) tested the water with LP ClickFair

later other B2B Publications followed that model (reference list).

Not long ago Vogel Business Media has announced that they licensing 'ClickFair' more actively to business friends, business clients and business competitors in the B2B World ...

VBM Press-Release

There a lot of other services b2b media could provide, which are not yet invented from business publishers new online competitors ... no need to wait for them!

Via/more at media-Treff:
Online-Messe - neues Tool zur Leadgeneration als Lizenzmodell