Mittwoch, Januar 30, 2008

China's Blog & Social Networking Market

Tangos points on the China Web2.0 Review blog to a new report by, which throws some light on the scene. But, like we found for our overview on Social Networks & Blogging platforms in Russia, you can not really separate this stats, because more and more this services are interlinked.

He writes:

"According to the report which review not only blog services but also some social networking services, in terms of traffic, Q-zone is the most visited service, followed by,, Baidu Space, Sina blog, Netease blog, Sohu blog, i-part, MSN Live Space and

The report said Q-zone has accounted for about 24% of total traffic of, Alexa data also shows Q-zone is the No. 1 service in QQ with its 16% shares. Q-zone learns a lot from Cyworld of Korea, and it sells virtual items to monetize traffic. Leveraging on its QQ IM tool, Q-zone becomes very popular among QQ users ..." more

Like so many other reports, this report 139 is gone - between 2008-1-29 21:15:03 and now ..., but I'm sure CRW can help you out!

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