Donnerstag, Januar 03, 2008

Example: Ads for Your PDFs & eBooks

via John Battelle's Searchblog:

Kevin Kelly is using the Adobe PDF ad insertion program (partner: Yahoo ad network) to offset bandwidth costs for downloads on his book True Films - 200 Documentaries, you must see before you die

He explains:

Earlier editions of this book have been available on Amazon, Lulu, and as a cheap download from my site. But with this new version 3.0 I am trying something new. I am offering this 200-page full-color guide (perfect as a companion if you have Netflix) as a FREE download. It's in PDF format, but with a twist. To help offset the significant bandwidth costs of these downloads (I hope my server can take the wave), I have appended advertisements to the PDF book. Here is how the ads work:

If you choose to see the ads, they will appear in a gray sidebar on the right, adjacent to the pages of the book, just outside the frame of the page, as shown below:

Learn more about Ads for PDFs

even if you are not interested in ads, but in great film documentaries, download Kevin Kelly's compendium now and/or bookmark his Website TrueFilms.

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