Dienstag, Januar 08, 2008

Hah Hah, Your Medium Is Dying

Last nights (6-Jan-2007) Simpsons’ had a scene mocking the death of newspapers ...

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YouTube removed this video (in US you find it at hulu.com).

YES , thanks Rex

from eaves.ca

"The scene opens up with Dan Rather introducing the media panel at the Democratic Party Debate in Springfield (being held in Springfield, and before New Hampshire, for reasons not worth getting into here).

Dan Rather (in an upbeat voice): With me here to comment on today’s democratic debate is Andrea Crowley of CNN, Demonte Evans of Slate Magazine and… (dropping to a semi-derogatory voice) Ron Lahar of the Washington Post.

Than Nelson pops up ...

Nelson says: Hah Hah! your medium is dying!

Principal Skinner: Nelson…!

Nelson: But it is!

Principal: There’s being right and then there’s being nice."

(Simpson Season 19, Episode 10)