Montag, Januar 07, 2008

In Three Years: US News Stock Value down 42 %

Alan D. Mutter wrote on his blog 'Reflections of a Newsosaur':

"The market value of the American newspaper publishers entering 2008 as independent, publicly traded companies has fallen by $23 billion, or 42%, since the end 2004, the year before the wheels started coming off the industry. Nearly half the slide in the market capitalization of newspaper stocks came in 2007" ... "the declines compare with respective increases in the last three years of 17% and 15.6% in the Standard and Poor’s average of 500 stocks and the Dow Jones average of 30 industrials."

Only two publisher were on the winning site:

the Washington Post Co., whose shares gained 4% in value in the last three years

Dow Jones, which climbed 65% in value as the result of the sumptuous price News Corp. paid to buy it from the dysfunctional Bancroft clan.


(News Corp. realized a 10% gain in value since 2004, but is not included in Alan's Stats)

via PJnet

Ob Warren Buffet seine Investitionsempfehlungen geändert hat? Eher unwahrscheinlich.
Warren Buffett: Newspapers are still Profitable but in Permanent Decline

(für die entscheidenden Wochen im Übernahmekampf von News Corp. hatte er sich ja eine kleine Auszeit von seiner eigenen Empfehlung genommen ... mit gutem, sehr gutem Erfolg)