Montag, Januar 28, 2008

Newspaper Industrie: Is Local News the Answer?

Die Winter 2007 Ausgabe des Niemann Reports ist erschienen und widmet sich in vielen Beiträgen und Facetten dem Thema 'Lokale Berichterstattung', Lokale Newsformate als journalistische Aufgabe, als Geheimwaffe zur Rettung von Leser-/Nutzerschaft und Businessmodell der traditionellen Newsindustrie.

Aus dem Inhalt:

By Melissa Ludtke
Newspapers’ Niche: ‘Dig Deeply Into Local Matters’
By Brett J. Blackledge
Investigative Reporting Stays Local
By Ken Armstrong
Blending Voice and Reporting
By John Doherty and Tim Logan
Going to China to Report Local Stories
By Tony Bartelme
Showing China—With a Local Thread
Words and Photographs by Alan Hawes
Global Issues Viewed Through Local Eyes
By Perry Beeman
Going Far to Explore a Local Story
By Kevin Finch
Local Voices—Once Quiet—Are Heard
By Michael Landauer
A Front Page Dominated By Local News
By Rex Smith
Forgetting Why Reporters Choose the Work They Do
By Will Bunch
Matching Ambition With Assignment
By Carole Tarrant
The Decline of Newspapers: The Local Story
By Thomas E. Patterson
The ‘Local-Local’ Strategy: Sense and Nonsense
By Rick Edmonds
Stories About Me
By Bill Ostendorf
What Readers Mean When They Say They Want Local News
Interview by Dean Miller
Local Characters: How to Tell the Stories You Have to Tell
Excerpts from a talk by Lane DeGregory
Strategically Reorganizing the Newsroom
By Shawn McIntosh
Changing Reporters’ Beats—With a Focus on Local
By Rene Sanchez
Childhood Memories Kindle Hyperlocal Strategies
By Rob Curley
Going Hyperlocal at the Chicago Tribune
By Kyle Leonard
When Community Residents Commit ‘Random Acts of Journalism’
By Jan Schaffer
Picking Up Where Newspapers Leave Off
By Geoff Dougherty
Going Local: Knowing Readers Is Essential
By Liz George
Journalism: Its Intersection With Hyperlocal Web Sites
By Mark Potts
VillageSoup: A Community Host Model At Work
By Richard M. Anderson
Journalists Navigate New Waters
By Lisa Williams


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