Mittwoch, Januar 16, 2008

Rich Ling on social effects of mobile communication: New Tech, New Ties

Howard Rheingold writes on Smart Mobs:

Rich Ling’s forthcoming book [March 2008], New Tech, New Ties, which I have read in advance, is the best book so far about the social effects of the mobile phone, in the context of sociology and social capital theory (and is very well written, as well) ... Howard's review

New Tech, New Ties
How Mobile Communication Is Reshaping Social Cohesion

- Mobile Communication and Ritual Interaction - The Plumber's Entrance
- ICT and Tension between Social and Individual Impulses
- Durkheim on Ritual Interaction and Social Cohesion
- Goffman on Ritual Interaction in Everyday Life
- Collins and Ritual Interaction Chains
- Ritual as a Catalytic Event
- Co-Present Interaction and Mobile Communication
- Mobile Telephony and Mediated Ritual Interaction
- Bounded Solidarity - Mobile Communication and Cohesion in the Familiar Sphere
- The Recalibration of Social Cohesion

March 2008
6 x 9, 256 pp., 1 illus.
$24.95/£16.95 (CLOTH)
ISBN: 978-0-262-12297-9

at MIT Press