Mittwoch, Januar 02, 2008

South Korean OhmyNews Chances in Europe

Emma Thelwell wrote on (in the Money Section, how come, Emma?)

South Korean news pioneer targets Europe

and was quoting Oh Yeon Ho (OhmyNews) with

"I hope I can keep introducing our model to other countries including Europe, North America and hopefully North Korea in the future. Why not?

Actually, we are in talks with a European partner to launch an OhmyNews site in Europe."

Is Why not good enough?

Over the last 18 month I studied the situation in Europe and specially in Germany. How Startups and established Publisher can make use of Citizen Journalism and Networked Journalism for the better for their

- readers / users
- writer / users / reader
- advertiser / user / readers
- publisher / user / reader / writer

Most, if not all countries in Europe are not in a similar situation South Korea was in 2000 and btw., the situation in South Korea since has changed quite a bit and OhmyNews has to run, if the will keep their relevance for Korea!

Of course it is always good to study examples, but in the end you need to develop a compelling play / show for the stage you want to be successful on ...

Three years ago, I was recommending the model to a client and checked with Seoul - but he client declined to consider. Today, I still praise the founders and start of OhmyNews, but for me it is now more about the Do and Don’ts - OhmyNews is becoming to established, does not adapt to the changes in South Korea’s society and does not care enough about their community needs and wants.

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