Montag, Januar 28, 2008

US Newspapers Up and Down

To look at the new figures from the NAA (Newspaper Association of America) collected from Nielsen/NetRating is quite educational.

Based on monthly figures (Dec 2007 vs. 2006)

US Newspaper Online Sites combined have reached 63.1 Mio Unique User (vs. 56.0 Mio), representing an active reach of 38.2 % (vs. 34.7 percent).

Pages per person have slightly dropped to 45.82 (from 48.0) and time spend to 41:57 min. (from 42:55)

Nielsen/Netrating, NAA

more from NAA

With all the effort, you would expect they should have done better. But there is no 'firework' going on with new services and offerings on newspaper sites. Time is running out to see online as an extension of print and expect it makes up for all losses in print.

From AP: (25-Jan-08)

"Total newspaper advertising revenue fell 7.4 percent in the third quarter of 2007, the latest period for which the NAA has reported figures. Within that total, print ad revenues declined 9 percent to $10.1 billion, while online revenues rose 21 percent to $773 million, according to the NAA ..."