Samstag, Februar 23, 2008

Bob Bly reflection on two decades of Direct Marketing

BtoB Magazine spoke with Bob Bly about what has changed and what remains in b-to-b direct marketing, as well as what marketers are doing right and getting wrong when marketing directly to their customers and prospects ...

- Mail is still strong, but transition to eMail / eMail lists is gaining speed
due to cost advantage, precise timing possibilities and speed

- Webinars are hot, response rate is high, impact is nearly unmatched and (very) cost effective

- free eBooks, Guides and Whitepapers still response booster


My own direct mailing experience started 1967 as advertising correspondent / advertising assistant at Vogel:
Than, in my six or so 'learn and travel years' (do you have a better translation for 'Lehr- und Wanderjahre'?) I stepped out from the B2B publishing field, first to learn and practice marketing from/at one of my previous ad client (a leading kitchen builder) and than joined 1975 a leading direct marketing and direct selling firm to learn all about this relatively new and fast growing profession, to return (mid 1977) finally to B2B publishing.