Montag, Februar 25, 2008

The Newspapers company as Full Sized Connection Utility Provider

If Newspaper companies want to survive, they must function as a connection utility for their community to connect with each other and to connect to (any) news, services and products available

The new 110 page American Press Institute Newspaper Next 2.0 report (PDF)

Making the Leap Beyond Newspaper Companies

offers up a vision of who newspaper companies must must be reinvented to survive

Via/From the Announcement at the Editors Weblog

"Amongst the report's findings is the idea that newspapers must become “local information and connection utilities,” meaning that a newspaper must offer products and services that will appeal to each consumer and to every business in their market.

"They're not tapping the fastest-growing local revenue streams in most markets, which are in other forms of online advertising," says the report, primarily authored by Stephen T. Gray, managing director of the research team.

Newspaper Next researchers also propose that newspapers must strive to reach “the whole market,” in other words, the network of consumers and businesses beyond the immediate readers and advertisers. In the same vein, newspapers should prioritize their “mega-jobs,” which the report describes as projects that “a wide cross section of the market will want and need.”

The second section of the report includes 24 cases studies of new newspaper products developed using Newspaper Next principles, and seven in-depth profiles of organizations that have made massive structural changes in the course of implementing the products ... more