Donnerstag, Februar 07, 2008

NYT: The Newspaper Industry is Imperiled by Falling Profits and Shrinking Ads

Richard Perez-Pena at the on the present state and future prospects of the newspaper industry

"... in the last few months, reductions have become so routine that they barely make a ripple outside each paper’s hometown. Since mid-2007, major downsizing — often coupled with grim financial reports — has been imposed at The San Francisco Chronicle, The Seattle Times, The San Jose Mercury News, USA Today and many others.

The talk of newspapers’ demise is older than some of the reporters who write about it, but what is happening now is something new, something more serious than anyone has experienced in generations. Last year started badly and ended worse, with shrinking profits and tumbling stock prices, and 2008 is shaping up as more of the same, prompting louder talk about a dark turning point . " more

We all know that Newspaper business was and still is (predominantly) a highly profitable business. And if Ken Doctor's (from Outsell, Inc.) verdict is, “Nobody knows just when this thing bottoms out, or how far down”, I would ask,

"Do we really need to go all the way to find this out, why don't we start now and seriously, going with our readers / users, with our journalist, with our advertiser and our publisher? If we don't deliver, we don't earn that money!"