Freitag, Februar 22, 2008

Reed Elsevier Is Divesting Reed Business Information

Reed Elsevier's earnings call with preliminary results 2007 and the future of RUK (Reuters):

About 60 percent of earnings at Reed Business Information (RBI) comes from advertising. To 'reduce exposure to advertising business and cyclicality' (of advertising) Reed Elsevier will divest RBI (When, how?: "It's an exciting new era ... at this time being, we don't rule anything in or out", wrote RBI CEO Keith Jones’ emailing his staff).

more on 2007 results announced divestment RBI

The concentration on cohesive and synergistic business with stronge growth prospects. One of them the acquisition of ChoicePoint, Inc (2, 8 billion Euro, 2007 revenues 717 Mio. Euro) expands significantly Reeds Elsevier's position in fast growing risk management marketplace


Reed Exhibitions business will be retained, it "has been one of our consistently strongest business in recent years. We think that will continue ..."

More major restructuring to accelerate growth, cost saving plans and staff reduction on to come ...