Mittwoch, Februar 27, 2008

Relationship, the base for successful Advertising on Social Networks

Nathan Snell writes:

"As I see it, the relationship is the basis for whether or not an advertisers can successfully engage their 'target' (...) and whether or not a social network can generate revenue from the same ads (or if the ads become a burden and people leave).

Stated differently, the basis of the relationship is created by the brand (like MySpace) being engaged by its community and the health of the relationship (goodwill) that brand has with its community (users)."

And he quotes the 3 U’s 'metrics' of such a relationship:

If it serves a purpose, it’s Useful.
If it fosters meaningful interactions, it has Utility.
If it facilitates connections and conversations, it creates Unity.


Let's make sure, we do not forget that Social Networks are not made for the purpose of advertising and certainly not for display(ing) ads!

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