Mittwoch, März 12, 2008

MPA's Plan for Improve Measurement of Magazine Audience and Readership

Nina Link, President and CEO, Magazine Publishers of America (MPA), announced on Monday progress on a major initiative to develop an improved approach to magazine measurement for advertisers based on audience and readership and more competitive to TV, Radio and Web Data for the top 200 magazines.

The plan for improving magazine measurement focuses on developing new audience-based metrics closer in several key areas including:

- Exposure to the magazine with syndicated issue-by-issue data and key demographics such as age, gender, income, ethnicity and family status

- Engagement with ads based on issue-by-issue recall measurement for individual ads

- Consumer action as a result of the ad. Include issue-by-issue self-reported consumer action metrics of purchase intent and drive to Web for all ads.

A primary goal of improved magazine measurement is issue-by-issue reporting of exposure, engagement and consumer action data within six to eight weeks from distribution date for weekly titles, and eight to 12 weeks ... more

More information on the ongoing project