Montag, März 10, 2008

Nylon and Inked want to explore international opportunities

our college John T. Cabell asked us to spread the following opportunities for magazine publisher around the world

Nylon is America's leading young woman's street fashion/culture magazine. Founded in 1999 by the husband/wife team of Marvin Scott Jarrett and Jaclynn Jarrett, Nylon has achieved "cult" status in the United States and in international fashion circles. It covers the subjects of fashion, accessories, cosmetics, music, film, and other art forms, and uses established or emerging young stars as part of its positioning and voice.

Published 10X per year, it has a cover price of $3.99 and a paid circulation in excess of 190,000 copies per issue. In 2007, it carried 566 ad pages (primarily from the fashion category). It currently has one international edition: Japan.

Nylon is looking to expand its international presence through licensing deals in trend-conscious established and emerging territories. Nearly 100% of the content (text plus images) is available for use at no additional charge. Given their close ties with fashion advertisers, Nylon can also be influential in the sale of international advertising. Also available for licensing is their website - - as well as their young men's analogue product, Nylon guys.

Inked is a style, culture and lifestyle magazine about body art (tattoos and piercings). What was once an activity for a select few has now become "mainstream" ... and celebrities, stylish individuals, and models are leading the way. The magazine showcases the best in body art, as well as the artists and their "media". Inked was founded in 2005, and currently is published 10X per year with a circulation of 100,000 copies per issue.

Interested? Please let me know ...