Mittwoch, März 12, 2008

Samir Husni's: Notable Best Ager Magazine Launch 2007

Mr. Magazine hat den Start des Magazins eldr

in seine Liste der Top 30 Magazin-Launches 2007 (US) aufgenommen.

Samir Husni's Begründung:

"Growing old is an inevitability of life and Eldr Magazine is changing the perception of aging by providing information on issues associated with the aging process.

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While most new publications gear their content towards attracting younger consumers, this magazine is attempting to buck that trend. Articles on preventing Osteoporosis and Alzheimer's provide content that supports its niche. Celebrity profiles on well known octogenarians like Jack Lelanne (yes he is still alive and kicking) also support the magazines niche.

In most of my seminars, I use a line that say "everything we invent today has a shorter lifecycle except human beings, we are living longer." Eldr is for those of us who are indeed living longer."

Gründer und Chefredakteur ist mein Kollege und Freund aus alten (sehr alten) Tagen (PC Magazine, PC World) David Bunnell. Gratulation, Dave!

Die Themenvorschau auf die Ausgabe Frühjahr 2008

Link: eldr Portal

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