Sonntag, März 30, 2008

Secrets of Social Media Marketing

Paul Gillin, Author of 'The New Influencers' is working on his new book

'The Secrets of Social Media Marketing'

due in Fall 2008, published by Quill Driver Books.

In his introduction he writes
"...individuals and organizations are diving in and experimenting with blogs, online video, corporate communities and public networks. They are learning how to live in a world in which messages are increasingly ineffective but engagement is yielding returns that were once unimaginable. These organizations are embracing the changes going on around them and preparing themselves to lead the next wave of marketing innovation.

Embracing change is the only sure success strategy in a business world that is evolving faster than we have ever known. Students of the information technology industry know that failure to adapt to change can obliterate even large and successful companies with blinding speed. In his book, I'll make the case that the changes now roiling the marketing world are the best thing that's ever happened to the profession. Start embracing these changes now and you'll propel your company and your career to new heights ..."

Paul has shared some chapters (drafts) on a Wiki and is inviting input ...

- Introduction
- Chapter 1 - Making the Case
- Chapter 2 - Making Choices
- Chapter 3 - Ear to the Ground
- Chapter 4 - Corporate Soapboxes
- Chapter 5 - Customer Conversations
- Chapter 6 - The Social Network Gorillas

Link to Wiki