Sonntag, März 16, 2008

What can people - who don't care to be taken care of by others without asking - do, to access this blog?

We don't publish, send or discuss anything here on this, any government, tax office, intelligent agency should be worried about ... but often we encounter that some of our friends, colleges and/or business partner can not access this blog content without problems.

Confronted with this, we started to recommend using our various full RSS/Atom-Feeds ..., but 'caring governments' meanwhile eye also feeds. The only one not worked on until now is our Mobile Feed (see left column).

Next, specially for our peers in China, India and Pakistan, we recommended to use Mirrors like [for our blogspot blog] and Proxy-Services (list;

Next, of course encrypting is another way to make sniffing more difficult, but for both sites, the sniffers and the stealth surfer Services like Tor, XeroBank, etc. together with the use of proxy-services.

The latest on my list of recommendations is to "tunnel the Great Firewalls" (of course tunneling is nothing new and we did not imagine that we need it for our blog conversation) by building your own secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), e.g. with witopia's personalVPN™ (the tip came via

We are not (and do not want to become) an expert in this field. If you look around, there is great help available for free, e.g. in the brand new edition of the RSF Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissident (PDF)