Montag, April 28, 2008

Will B2B Advertising Networks do the Job?

and for whom? The Advertiser? The Publishing House? The Ad Marketing/Trading Companies?


Joanna Pettas writes on about

B-to-B Heavyweights Form (an) Online Ad Network

With the industry facing declining print advertising revenues, four prominent b-to-b publishing companies—Cygnus Business Media, Nielsen Business Media, Reed Business Information and McGraw-Hill—have launched an online advertising network to leverage their combined traffic for marketers.
Called BBN, the network—consisting of more than 200 Web properties ... more

Brian Morrissey writes for

Trade Publishers Ally for Ad Net
Cygnus, Nielsen, Reed and McGraw-Hill are providing inventory to BBN

Four trade publishing companies are joining forces on a new online ad network that promises to reach 10 million users per month on trade publication Web sites. The network intends to sell to brand marketers normally outside the scope of trade advertisers ... (and quoting Derek Reisfield) the scale of combining the parent companies' hundreds of trade periodicals would enable them to tap advertiser budgets previously unavailable to them through their own sales forces. BBN will operate as a standalone entity without the publishing companies holding stakes. WPP Group's 24/7 Real Media is providing the technology underpinning the ad network, including ad-serving and campaign management ... more

From the 24/7 Press release

24/7 Real Media Partners with Four Major Publishers to Launch BBN, the Largest Business to Business Online Advertising Network

Cygnus Business Media, Nielsen Business Media, Reed Business Information and McGraw-Hill join 24/7’s new network to give advertisers greater reach across more vertical markets ... more

and Mike Sachoff writes on WebProNews

24/7 Real Media Rolls Out B2B Ad Network

(quoting David J. Moore) "BBN gives advertisers unparalleled access to reach decision makers across the entire B2B spectrum with one large-scale purchase, through four of the industry's largest and most highly respected publishers," ... BBN joins 24/7's other digital media offerings including 1,500 sites that reach 150 million unique viewers per month. BBN will use 24/7's Open AdStream to target and deliver ads to Web sites. The network will invite other publishers to join later this year ... more

My toughts about that:
Yes, I think more specialized 'Ad Networks' will come and have a certain chance of being successful. But the picture from foliomag points to an important factors publisher and marketer should consider in their strategy: You can combine and leverage all the power available outside the Internet, but to move something in the Internet space YOU HAVE TO JOIN. Maybe publisher can make more money via ad networks 'lending' there inventory, but they are loosing relationship with the market ... and winning time until they find out.

Yes, I like the B2B concept of joining, entertaining and promoting B2B community networks ... and publishers could use their skills and services to make the difference.

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