Montag, Mai 12, 2008

Are LinkedIn and XING on the same boot?

When TechCrunch reported about the new funding for LinkedIn on its way, with a perceived value of about 1.000 Mio. USD and the Silicon Alley Insider reported that the round might be nearly closed and found the evaluation rather cheap. I had two immediate thoughts

Are they (LinkedIn) worth the money?
Second thought: you always 'pay' for the expected / dreamed for future ...)

What are they doing with that amount of money? Trying to get really global? Shopping around?
Second thought: Fighting the Facebook & Co's, no. Trying to buy and to be the Social Media Platform integrating the Blogs, Wikis, Forums, social and enterprise collaboration tools, yes, maybe ...

and suddenly I remembered that Lars Hinrichs (from XING, now valued around 300 Mio. USD) wanted to be a while ago (April 2005) the Operating System for 'Social Media' . Maybe that was, what he was thinking off then? Little progress over the last 3 years so, but it would be worthwhile the fight.

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