Donnerstag, Mai 29, 2008

BtoB's 2008 Guide to Lead Generation Management

provides basic information about the trends, tactics and technologies marketers are using for their lead generation campaigns. Additionally it features results from B2B survey of marketers and their lead generation plans (and challenges), vendors and advertisers.

From the survey

Source: B2B Online

Nearly half the respondents said they would increase spending on lead generation programs, 10.3% said they'd spend less. This includes all money spend within the company and with third party services.

There are two major problems:
first, sales doesn't belief that marketing can deliever 'qualified leads', so 42 % (in this research) don't even report results back to marketing;
second, if sales has a formalized scoring program 'leads from outsite' get very low scoring point ... (if not, also)

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