Mittwoch, Mai 21, 2008

BusinessWeek: Updating it's 'Blogs Will Change Your Business' (April 2005)

The Issue (from June 2, 2008) is now out

Beyond Blogs - What Business Needs To Know (Online)
by Stephen Baker and Heather Green

BusinessWeek Cover Podcast (MP3)
John Byrne and Stephen Baker talk about how their story on Blogs and Business was updated

BusinessWeek wants to update it's cover story 'Blogs Will Change Your Business!' it did three years ago and asked a number of bloggers to opine of the future of media. Amongst them, close to media and journalism

Arianna Huffington
How the Online News Revolution is Altering the Media Landscape

"I am frequently asked if the rising influence of online news sources is the death knell for Big Media. My answer is that Big Media isn't dead; it's ill but will actually be saved by the transfusion of passion and immediacy of the blogging and online news revolution ..."

Jeff Jarvis
Blogs then and now

"Three years ago, blogs were still a curiosity to a business audience, new enough to warrant a cover story, strange enough to require explaining. But now, blogs and social media are not only better understood and accepted but they are coming to be seen as a necessity in media and more and more in business ..."