Donnerstag, Mai 15, 2008

Comcast acquired Plaxo ...

as we mentioned in February 2008 Plaxo (who started of as Online address book) wanted to so sell our data and work to ... and Comcast was said to be willing to spend 175 Mio. USD.

Such rumors where on for a long time, Plaxo was looks around for a buyer and and moved into a transformation as 'social network' with increasing activity collect more valuable data from its member and other social media platforms.

Yesterday Reuters confirmed the deal done (around the anticipated price tag) and reports that "Comcast plans to use Plaxo to give its consumers social network links across all Comcast-connected devices including TVs, digital video recorders and, eventually, wireless devices, thanks to a new partnership with Sprint, Clearwire and Google. " more at Reuters

Comcast, welcome at Google's OpenSocial / Google Friends Connect (and some additional online advertising income) ... more at the Plaxo Blog

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