Montag, Mai 19, 2008

Current Ads & Offers do not speak to Social Network User’s

Prospectiv's poll of about 800 users of social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5 and others) are by no means representative, but provides some very 'understandable' answers, reflecting the current practice of advertisers' and marketers'

- 58 % said, very few ads & offers match my interests and preferences
- 29 % said, none of the ads & offers match my interests and preferences; and surprisingly
- 13 % said, most ads match my interests and preferences

On the other hand

- 56 % said, the quality of their online experience would be improved if social networking sites provided more targeted advertisements and offers tailored to their specific interests and preferences.

But, what kind of 'ads & offers' would respondents welcome?

- 62 % said, One-off coupons and discount offers from the brands and products they buy
- 24 % said, eNewsletters featuring coupons, discounts, news and tips about favorite brands
- 14 % said, Invitations to join interactive email groups, online forums and social networks for sharing and communicating