Montag, Mai 05, 2008

GlobeScan-BBC Poll: Trust in Media - Germany

Only German's (News-Junkies) say

- that Newspapers are the most important news source (45 %),
- that public radio is the most trusted news source (83 %) and
- that MSM is not delivering the news they care about 51 %

Full Quote:
"Germans are unique among the populations surveyed in that more name a newspaper (45%) than television (30%) as their most important news source. Other important news sources are the Internet (11%) and radio (10%). More German men than women have the Internet as their most important news source (15% compared to 7%).

The most trusted news sources in Germany are public broadcast radio (83% a lot or some trust), national television (81%), national/regional newspapers (80%) and local newspapers (74%). The least trusted are friends and family (25%) and blogs (38%).

The most trusted specific news sources mentioned spontaneously by Germans include ARD (mentioned by 22%), ZDF (7%), n-tv/N24 (6%), RTL (4%), Suddeutsche Zeitung (3%), Der Spiegel (2%), Deutsche Welle (1%), Google, the BBC and CNN websites (all 1%).

Germans appear to be exceptionally enthusiastic consumers of news, with 80 percent following the news every day and 91 percent preferring to check several sources for their news. However, Germany is the only country where a majority (51%) disagree that the media covers news that they care about. A majority of 54 percent also disagree that the media reports all sides of a story. Germans are confident of the independence of their media from government and foreign influence, with only about one-third of respondents agreeing that these influences are too strong."

and people in Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, South Korea, UK and USA thinks (... the most important and most trusted news source is TV)

via reuters Blogs