Sonntag, Mai 18, 2008

Live blogging and video: Liverpool Daily Post shares the editorial process with their readers

Oliver Luft (at reports about The Post activity to give its reader the chance to observe and offer input on the paper's editorial process. As fare as I can see there is only one Liveblog-Day available, last Tuesday (May 13, 2008), and one editorial conference (Link to Video) ...!?

Quotes from Oliver's article:
"Using technology from CoverItLive, The Post will be running a live blog throughout the day, from 7am until the presses roll during the early hours of Wednesday morning for its next print edition, to detail the editorial workings of the newspaper ...

"Journalists will also be using Bambuser and Qik technologies to stream video of themselves conducting interviews or at work in the office via their mobile phones. They will also stream the day's main editorial conference ..." and

"Readers of the blog will be able to suggest ideas for stories and post questions to journalists about editorial decisions on content and design of both the online and print edition of the paper."

If you are willing to ask, share and converse with your reader, this is also a great idea for Enthusiast and Special Interest Media ...