Mittwoch, Mai 14, 2008

Small Is Beautyful: Better CPM Results for Smaller Website Publishers

We saw that small companies seem to react more 'sensible' in times of economic recession. Now PubMatic shows us, that smaller website publishers can get from their clients four and more times the CPM than larger Websites (o.k. it is not about small, but about dedication, participation and performance) and there is more to come in favor of 'small' ... specially if small is networked. Maybe there is a mistake in this graph - if not, large website just 'don't get it' ... (see the abnormal fall in April '08)

A small website is difficult to plan and difficult to sell, but it delivers all advertisers want and need - so they are happy to pay for what they get.

Here the AdPriceIndex of PubMatic for the last 3 months

On average Web site monetization dropped by 23 percent from March to April 2008 and small website increased by 9,3 % to a level of more than four times of average monetization

more about the AdPrice Index at PubMatic (PDF)

via Chris Anderson (The Long Tail)