Donnerstag, Mai 08, 2008

TechTarget Reports Growth and some I. Quarter '08 Losses (Correction)

a few days ago, we reported that TechTarget is (again) among the Top 10 Media Power 50 according to B-to-B-Online and that US experts still belief in the TechTarget Model and PR.

As you know from our reporting on TechTarget Greg Strakosch beliefs that by acquisitions and good PR

TechTarget acquired during 2007

- February 2007 (about 0,7 Mio. Euro)
- in April 2007 (about 10,3 Mio. Euro)
- Knowledge Storm in November 2007 for 39,8 Mio. Euro - 35,7 Mio Euro in cash)

he can keep investors entertained and scale business (and hopefully profits) for TechTarget.

Folio: reports that TechTarget reported now for the first quarter 2008 revenues of 23,9 Mio USD and net losses of 112 Mio USD 112,000 USD 'attributes mostely to increase in stock-based compensation and amortization of intangible assets expenses' ... more

Sorry folks, I should have checked this reporting from Folio, before publishing ... Million and Thousands are quite different. Folio has changed their story, but without making it public, as you can see from the Google results / via Yahoo! results:

TechTarget Press release

Our friend Paul Woodward reported yesterday about the coop of TechTarget and Global Market Inside and shared his view on TechTarget "... has for quite a while been amongst the most interesting of B2B media companies emerging in the US. Where it leads, others around the world will sooner or later follow. Or so, it seems to us .." here