Donnerstag, Mai 29, 2008

Turned Glam Media Down a $1.3 Billion Offer?

Maybe, says VentureBeat, as Glam’s investors see a bigger opportunity for Glam and it would only get a 11 times raw multiple on the $115 million invested into the company.

Quote from The Inquister:
"Glam operates as a hybrid blog network and advertising company, but most of the value comes from the advertising arm, a business that is always risky" on the other hand,

"... every person and company I’ve spoken to who has been using Glam Media for advertising sales over the last few years has been extremely happy with the high yield results. Glam has come to own the female advertising vertical and it’s a space that pays surprisingly very, very well."

So we might have to wait and see GLAM TV

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