Freitag, Mai 30, 2008

US B2B Magazine Ad Revenue and Pages Decline Further

While B2B advertising in Germany is growing and declining (according to some stats, see below) our B2B colleges in US have to and do fight for their business in a growing, but on paper declining market ...

Dylan Stableford at Folio Mag reports on the new released BIN figures March (PDF):

"Faced with a recessionary economy, business-to-business publishing is off to a rough start in 2008.

As expected, b-to-b magazines saw a 5.3 percent decline in advertising revenue during the first quarter when compared to the first three months of 2007, according to figures released by the Business Information Network.

Ad pages—perhaps the more telling statistic, given the discounts publishers tend to give to frequent advertisers—fell 7.3 percent ..." more

Our friend Paul Conley who 'love's the industry, but hate's to see it suffer - offer's (again) his magic elixir to fix it ... and he shares some results (which sound so familiar to me):

"No Thank You

...I've spoken to editors of sites that are simply awful by any measure. But those people think their content is just nifty, and that the sales team just sucks.
... I've spoken to print-centric sales folks who are now selling for the Web, but don't understand the difference between opt-out and opt-in. These folks think what they are selling is valuable, and that the editorial team just sucks.
... I've spoken to folks who are being crushed by print costs -- pouring the vast majority of their budgets into a product that is produced only once a month. But those people think that print (and print-only workers) must be saved, and that the Web/the boss/this point in history just sucks.
... Every once in awhile I spoke with someone who agreed that there was actually a problem in his/her own department. But those people inevitably portrayed those problems as inevitable -- there weren't enough resources, there wasn't enough time and it wasn't worth asking the boss for help ..."

more / recommended read

I'm not so sure whether there is a 'magic elixir' to solve all problems, but I know: there is a hard to fight for and hard to earn way to relevance and profitable growth for B2B ... (I'm available for hire!)

Ad stats from Germany:
VN Meynen per March: pages plus 2,9 %, revenue plus 2,6 %
Nielsen Media per March: revenue minus 2,1 %; per April revenue -3,7 %