Montag, Juli 07, 2008

Internet Stats România / Romania / Rumänien

Romanian media audit organization BRAT started to publish (October 2007) their Internet data on SATI.RO where you can study their monthly report onRomanian Internet traffic online, look at a more detailed audit statement and download data (*.xls) for some number crunching on your own).

Ranking by Unique Visitors

Ranking by Visits

more / all data at

Btw., there is another monitoring service in Romania:

media details (a knowledgeable media Blogger out of Bucharest)
provides some basic differences for this both services [in English]

via my former college and friend Daniel Dănilă-Békési from Braşov

Talking about the Romanian Online Market

Today ARBOmedia AG announced some of their results about more and more Romanians going online ...

- 52.3% of Romanians living in the cities already used the Internet regularly during last year (source: SNA Focus Romania – Jan 2007 – Jan 2008)
- In Romanian the highest percent of online users living in the urban area is between 14 – 39 years old, representing 75,5%
- 95.5% of all Romanian companies work with a computer and 90% of all companies use the Internet for their business activities.