Mittwoch, Juli 02, 2008

PWC: Outlook for Consumer Magazine Publishing in the Digital Age

We reported on PWC's Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2008 - 2012 before. PcW offers now an excerpt of their results from study for magazine publisher, media buyers and media agencies.

From the announcment:
"Consumers are increasingly switching from traditional print media to digital media, although the manner in which they are making the transition varies with age, gender and nationality. In this study, we have examined the outlook for consumer magazine publishers and media buyers, as they adapt to the digital revolution ..."

48 pages, PDF, Download

Some key finding:

On Consumer Interest in Digital vs. Print

- most consumers still prefer to read hard copies of magazines, but many are also
interested in reading digital content
- younger consumers would rather access content digitally
- a significant number of consumers also express interest in using new digital devices to read digital content

On Pricing - How much are Consumer are Willing / Expecting to Pay Print vs. Digital, Mobile

- consumers expect to pay more for printed content than for content distributed electronically - they are not prepared to pay more than half the sum they would pay for a printed magazine (results provided by selected countries)
- many consumers see digital-only content as a substitute for printed content