Dienstag, Juli 01, 2008

Polymeme Newstracker for Affluent Minds

Did you ever try to aggregate news on multiple non-it, non-technical, non-political subject on one place? Try it on Digg, Techmeme and/or Technorati and frustration is assured!

My college and friend Evgeny Morozov (discloser!, if you wonder why ...) announced today the soft-lunch of Polymeme and promises a broad view on what is important in areas you chose, like

Policy – Economics, Education, International, Law

Change - Green & Energy, Non-Profit, Social Enterprise, Social Justice

Culture - Architecture & Design, Arts, Books & Poetry, Theatre & Music

Media – Advertising, New Media, Traditional Media, TV & Cinema

Science – Evolution, General, Health, Social

on People, Topics and Places (he is using the OpenCalais technology from ClearForest)

Evgeny explains:
"Polymeme crawls topical clusters of Blogs -- for example, we have about 2,700 Blogs in our books & poetry cluster and more than 2,000 Blogs in our architecture & design cluster -- to determine what are the most talked-about articles in each (we track a total of 25,000 Blogs). In a sense, Polymeme leverages the expertise of experts who Blog-- economists, lawyers, scientists-- to discover articles that truly matter.

A team of Polymeme editors then publishes snippets of the most interesting of these articles, along with links to ALL other Blogs that are talking about them. The Polymeme editors also try to illustrate the most interesting entries with Creative Commons-licensed pictures from Flickr.

Please don't also miss our PolyBuzz section. PolyBuzz relies on OpenCalais technology from Reuters to automatically tag ALL content produced by Blogs in each of our clusters regardless of whether it makes it to Polymeme.com or not. Thus, the tags you see under our Economics section, for example, are generated based on ALL posts written by the economics Blogs that we track ..." more on his Polymeme Blog

ReadWriteWeb has a review. Polymeme: Memetracker With Editors
"Where Polymeme really shines is in the selection of blogs it tracks, which is extremely wide and global in its scope. Looking at the articles featured on Polymeme today, there is very little overlap with those of other memetrackers ..."